Saturday, June 30, 2012



Isn't this just the kind of garbage which always and everywhere happens in the wake of someone with a reputation for atrocious behavior?

There are countless fantasy stories about famous gangsters or dictators, stories conceived in the minds of the unthinking or credulous or paranoid, but these stories are in fact stimulated by other real behaviors which are terrible.

Of course, Remi’s accusations are fantasy nonsense, but there is nothing nonsensical about Israel's genuine abusive and brutal behaviors.

It does kill and it does steal and it does abuse millions, virtually with impunity.

And I do think those acts more dangerous and reprehensible than this man's muttering.

Were Israel finally to demonstrate some generosity of spirit towards its neighbors and stop threatening everyone, it would do more to shut up such stuff than all the official condemnations in the world.

"And the Pro Iran Fan club and western leftist tell us Iranian government officials do not have anything against Jew?"

There is no "pro Iran fan club," but your saying there is is just as stupidly thoughtless as Remi’s nonsense.

How about dealing with the genuine abuses and crimes of Israel?

They are not fantasy. They are real.

And did the thought ever enter your head, however fleetingly, that when Israel - an Israel which has attacked every neighbor that it has, many more than once, and maintains millions in semi-bondage and tries starving out the people of Gaza - daily threatens Iran, it just might have an effect of this nature?

Words, however stupid, are cheap and retractable.

Bombing, shooting, abusing, and torturing are not.
"I am asking you [Chuckman] and anyone that claims that Rahimi's statements are just not so important, what would have been the reaction if this hate would have been uttered by an Israeli?"

You misspeak.

I did not say - read my words - that the words were unimportant, only that they are far, far less important than systematic oppression, theft, torture, threats, and killing.

There are bad words on all sides. You may easily find quotes from prominent Israelis advocating the ethnic cleansing of all non-Jews from Israel as well as horrible words about Palestinians being vermin, words spoken by ultra-Orthodox rabbis.

The simple truth is that modern Iran has attacked no one in its entire history.

And what of Israel?

It has attacked every neighbor, and it never stops threatening.

Perhaps you have no experience or imagination in such matters,  but I am confident that human psychology is badly strained by endless threats - almost as in the case when someone stalks you for a long period. Even rational people are subject to fears and terrors.

And it has been more than threats.

Israeli agents assassinated, with magnetic car bombs, several innocent Iranian scientists recently.

And Israel worked with the United States to create Stuxnet and Flame, the most dangerous computer malware ever discovered.

Stuxnet got out onto the Net, and it may very well have been responsible for the failure of Japanese controls on the horribly-failed nuclear power station at Fukushima.

Moreover, a huge and threatening American sea armada sits not far from Iran.

Reportedly, there is also an Israeli German-built submarine which is nuclear-capable with a cruise missile.

But Iran has done absolutely nothing to deserve this oppressive treatment.

All intelligence reports worth talking about confirms that there is no nuclear weapons program.

Wasn't the horror of Iraq - a million dead and millions of refugees - enough for Israel's apologists?

The same arguments were made of Iraq, and they were entirely false.

But, please recall, Israel not only refuses to join the Non-proliferation Treaty, it refuses all inspections - as Iran does not.

And we know Israel in fact has a nuclear arsenal, one about which it regularly lies.

We've seen actual photos from Mordechai Vanunu, whom Israeli agents drugged and threw into prison.

We've seen a test flash some years ago - likely done in cooperation with South Africa - in from a spy satellite.

We know now that the German-built diesel-electric subs being given to Israel at knock-down prices have gear for handling a nuclear-capable cruise missile.

And we know from Jimmy Carter, perhaps the most honest and honorable man to be President since Lincoln, that Israel has at least 150 nuclear warheads.

And we know to a certainty that Israel helped South Africa in becoming a nuclear power, seeing in apartheid South Africa not only a kindred spirit but an important source of strategic raw materials.

Please, you tell me where any reasonable person, not an ideologue for Israel, sees the real threats and dangers?

And last, let's not forget that Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela both have said that what they see in Israel resembles South African apartheid.

"Chuckman...we get it you hate Jews.'

That is simply brutally stupid.

Indeed, how is that any different to the words of the Iranian official?

Of course, it is not. Just a cheap way to answer well-ordered facts you cannot deal with.

I believe in logic it is called ad hominem argument.

But then logic has nothing to do with your words, does it?