Sunday, March 16, 2008



McCain is a coward, the truest form of coward.

He likes to burst out with bold-sounding words every once in a while, as though he is challenging the status quo. Then, every single time, he backs off and apologizes shortly afterward. It is his pattern, over and over, for his entire political career.

When Bush attacked him unmercifully in 2000, with the lowest, garbage propaganda I can recall in a primary, McCain still crawled back to him and ended up in Bush's arms, literally, for there is a disgusting photo on the Internet.

Not only that, during the actual campaign, McCain worked to promote Bush, coming close to crawling for votes - a disgusting display when he well understood Bush’s low intelligence and dishonest nature.

When McCain attacked the Religious Right in 2000 for their meddling in politics, one of the few very true things he has ever done, he backed off almost immediately afterward.

Then he crawled quietly around apologizing to moral cretins like Falwell and Robertson.

Of course, there was McCain's serious involvement with the Savings and Loan Disaster, something he never paid any penalty for and for which he went around, again, apologizing fulsomely. This was not some simple little scam but a massive case of corporate fraud, and McCain had his part in it.

McCain has always had a reputation as a skirt-chaser, and the New York Times story - coming from two workers in his own camp - is utterly believable. His denials indicate how easily he lies.

McCain’s efforts at campaign-finance reform, years ago, went nowhere. He compromised in an ineffective legislation that has changed nothing of substance.

McCain, who supposedly was tortured in Vietnam, has defended recently forms of torture in the Senate. There really has to be a special place in hell for someone like that.

McCain was shot down over North Vietnam while bombing civilians in the Hanoi area. He is lucky not to have been torn to pieces. That is not the work of war heroes, but cowards who don't mind killing.

During his imprisonment, a number of those imprisoned with him said he talked a lot to the North Vietnamese. They had a nick-name for him, calling him “songbird.” They have already spoken publicly to this.

McCain is given to insane, psychopathic jokes like the one in front of reporters some while back making fun of bombing Iran.

This aspect of him very much resembles Bush, who once made fun to reporters of the woman who was executed in Texas when he was governor and her pathetic pleas for mercy. The psychopath actually made fun of her tone of voice and words with a sickening effort at imitation.