Saturday, January 23, 2010



The Tea Party is just one more in a long list of American right-wing political fads, just during my lifetime.

For some reason they always use words or names that are suggestive of revolution or revolt - words like manifesto.

I guess that serves to disguise the basically retrograde nature of their movement.

Of course, I recognize that America is an extremely conservative country.

A genuine liberal there is rather like a rose blooming on the desert.

But Americans are given to fads and impatience in all aspects of their lives - after all, that's a good part of the reason for the financial crisis ('I've got to have it all and have it now').

The Tea Party, as with all of its predecessor fads and clubs and movements, will be forgotten in just a few years.


Why on earth is the Globe publishing the comments of Paul Cellucci?

Cellucci surely qualifies as the most obnoxious, intefering-in-our-internal affairs ambassador of all time. A truly unpleasant man who loyally represented America's first certified moron President's interests.

As for Brown, he's another empty shirt spouting synthetic slogans.

The Democrats' candidate, Ms Coakley, proved a disaster.

In a six week campaign, Ms Coakley started by taking a week off around Christmas. Simply politically stupid.

She also did not use television to any extent. Again politically stupid.

And she made several blunders during that short time.

While I agree there is now impatience with Obama in America - after all, these are people ready to kill over a late pizza delivery - Obama would have had to be miracle worker to save her.

Sadly the voters had no third choice, because the empty shirt who won is no prize.

Here's an example of Brown's silly gibberish:

"I didn't mind when President Obama came here and criticized me - that happens in campaigns. But when he criticized my truck, that's where I draw the line."

"I'm Scott Brown, I'm from Wrentham, I drive a truck, and I am nobody's senator but yours. Thank you very much."

Pure Sarah Palin. Pathetic pseudo-humility.

Oh, sure, "nobody's Senator but yours." Do Canadians realize that U.S. Senators spend on average two-thirds of their time soliciting money? That a big Senate race can cost $15 million for each candidate's election? You don't get that kind of money from "folks."

Well, you do get pretty much the government you deserve.

Of course, the main trouble when America elects bad government is the rest of the world is made to suffer.