Sunday, September 09, 2012



"There is a good chance the Canadian Iranian Embassy was being used for more than public relations. Espionage, spying whatever, it should have been closed years ago."

Israel is well known in intelligence circles for its relentless espionage on Canada and the U.S.

American counter-intelligence has a special, large assignment in working against the efforts of their so-called ally.

The ally who produced the most destructive spy in American history, Jonathon Pollard.

The ally who sold some of Pollard's "product" to the Soviet Union.

The ally who, during its 1967 war, deliberately attacked, for two solid hours, the American intelligence ship Liberty in order to blind the American government to what they were doing in that war.

The ally whose spies were caught during 9/11 watching and photographing the disaster from a phony moving truck, an event never explained.

From Canada's point of view, it is the ally which time and again has abused Canada's passports by using phony ones on assassination assignments.

"Yes, Ahmadinejad is an idiot, but then again so are you and people still speak to you. "

Ahmadinejad has said a few foolish things, mainly under his irrepressible tendency to poke fun at the pretensions of theirs.

But a highly successful politician in a country with a greater population than that of France or Britain and who holds a PhD in Civil Engineering is anything but an idiot.

It is foolishness to say so.

He is likely more intelligent than most of the recent presidents of the United States.

And the foolish things he has said should be compared to the collected words of a Bush or a Reagan or a Romney.

Assuming a bright, capable man is wild-eyed plays right into the hands of Israel's around-the-clock propagandists, and it certainly does not contribute to understanding.

"Why is Mulcair a lobbyist for Iran?"

Why are you a lobbyist for stupidity?

"I see now, we need those absurdly expensive F35's to combat the enemies Harper is making on behalf of Canada, how American!!"

Well said.

And just watch, if we do buy these absurd machines, and if they do fly as advertised finally after billions more spent, when Netanyahu yells, we'll be flying the dozen or so operational at any one time (they require horrific maintenance) to wherever Israel has decided once again to bomb someone it doesn't like.

On a per capita basis, there is one country whose armed forces, including every weapon imaginable, is obscenely out of proportion to its size in population or wealth, and that country is Israel.

It sits by the Mediterranean like a Crusader enclave, a virtual garrison state, a country with the population of Ecuador and the arms and army of France.

And it is currently run by a madman.

‘And how exactly do they think to "retaliate"? After we nuke the crap out of them, there won't be a bacteria left to live in that stinky country.'

"Bacteria' is the plural form of the noun, requiring a plural modifier, not "a."

But then that covers the intelligent part of your words.

How can anyone but a complete madman lightly speak about exterminating 70 million people?

But I do believe we've had such talk in the past.

In Germany during the 1930s.

"Look at the lefty socialist twisting in the wind trying to defend Iran, an exporter of terrorists."

Well, I don't know about Iran exporting terrorists.

Seems an absurd thing to say since there isn't one genuine news story about Iranian terrorists anywhere.

Iran also remains at peace with all its neighbors.

Can we say the same for Israel? I don't think so.

Of course, we do have stories of what Israel exports.

At least half a dozen people were killed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza - that giant refugee camp - this week alone.

And Israeli's Barak just made threats - his favorite hobby, making threats - about how the IDF could easily conquer and run Gaza.

Of course, there's all that wonderful human-rights stuff about Israeli terrorists assassinating totally innocent Iranian scientists with car bombs.

And your words are a perfect example of the kind of dishonest rubbish-thinking exported by Israel.

Day after day after day.

"I'm guessing principled decisions such as this, totally escape the left."

No, you have it the wrong way round.

Decisions such as this totally escape the principled.

And we should add that language such as your "the left," intended to characterize large numbers of people you don't like, would have been perfectly comfortable on the tongue of a Dr. Goebbels.

Indeed, all your fellow name-callers entirely miss or ignore that damning fact.