Friday, August 04, 2017



Israel to Build Underground Wall on Sinai Border Amid Daesh Threat

This has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with ISIS (aka, Daesh).

This is the ultimate project to totally encapsulate the unfortunate people who reside in the world's largest outdoor prison, Gaza.

The hypocrisy of Israel screams at its loudest possible level in a phony claim about ISIS by Israel.

Tunnels have for years provided an important lifeline to the people of Gaza, a million and a half souls Israel keeps effectively in a concentration camp.

They have no freedom to travel. They have no freedom to receive visitors. Their fishermen cannot go far from shore without being shot by Israel gunboats. The perimeter of their compound is equipped with radar-operated machine gun towers, like something out of a science-fiction story.

Israel’s years-long blockade keeps many essentials from entering Gaza, including basic building materials to repair what Israel’s bombing destroyed.

Israel has committed here such atrocities as spraying dangerous herbicides on great swathes of their farmland, bringing to mind America’s horrible use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. It has shut down their electricity. It has lowlifes who’ve deliberately dumped great loads of sewerage onto their land.

When the few settlers who used to live in Gaza finally left, some of them actually poisoned the water wells – kind of the ultimate savagery in a semi-desert. Israel controls the flow of outside funds. Israel controls even the receipt of postage.

Such works of hatred almost cannot be imagined by ordinary people living ordinary lives in other places. These people have been total captives for more than half a century, and in the last decade they have been treated as we might expect Nazi camp guards to treat people.

Why? Because Hamas, a democratic organization, won an election, replacing the famously--corrupt Fatah, just as originally Israel intended when it early on, covertly assisted Hamas just to create division among the Palestinians. But once Hamas actually was elected, it was declared – against all reasonable evidence – a terrorist organization, with the pliable American government pressured to agree. Hamas was elected by people seeking clean government, but it is despised by Israel.

You see, clean government, elected and popularly supported by the Palestinians, is exactly what Israel does not want. It doesn’t like unity and leadership among Palestinians. It doesn’t  even like democracy, as it has demonstrated many times in its relations with all of its neighbors from Egypt and Saudi Arabia to Jordan. Democracy amongst non-Israelis is viewed as too risky and dangerous. The brag about being the Mideast’s only democracy is extremely hollow for this reason as well as the fact that only one kind of people can become Israelis to vote in its elections.

Some of Hamas’s leaders were assassinated. Its president was openly threatened several times with assassination. Gangs of goon Israeli soldiers ran into Gaza and arrested large numbers of elected government members soon after their election and kidnapped them to Israel.

Israel still treats Fatah’s Abbas who resides in the West Bank – a man who has not faced an election in years - as the legitimate leader of Palestine, although it doesn’t even talk to him much. Why? Abbas is a very accommodating personality, a kind of “Stepin Fetchit” character, and it is handy to have a Palestinian you can wheel out onto the stage whenever it seems important to have a Palestinian official around for public relations purposes. Of course, the people of Gaza voted him out years ago, and he remains unelected in the West Bank.

Finally, Israel imposed an illegal and immoral blockade on a people who really have done nothing. In its original form, before covert international pressure, this blockade actually had a carefully calculated number of calories per person allowed in an effort to bring all these people to their knees. You could not even buy a candy bar in Gaza.

I don’t know how it gets more Nazi-like than that. No, Israel has not mass-murdered all these people – although it has killed thousands and Israel is not without voices calling for mass killing or expulsion – but keeping generation after generation of people in hopeless squalor without votes or rights or freedom of movement or any real access to the world at large is to my mind not morally superior.

It is a kind of living death Israel maintains in Gaza, and it is intended to make the people so miserable that they leave or beg for mercy. We have words to that effect, advocating making them miserable, from many prominent Israelis, going back to Moshe Dayan. One Israeli prime minister was quoted saying he had nightmares over Gaza. Well, that hideous man, Netanyahu, is doing everything he can think of to make the nightmares go away.

This underground wall is the cherry on the cake, as it were. The brave people of Gaza for years have laboriously dug tunnels to Sinai, tunnels which Israel has always diligently searched for and destroyed. But the Gazans keep building new ones to get at least a steady trickle of the life-sustaining things Israel prevents their receiving. Now, even that is to be shut off with an underground wall. This really is cruelty beyond endurance.

And the excuse? To prevent ISIS (Deash) from using tunnels to threaten Israel. But ISIS is in part an Israeli creation, used to destroy Syria and Iraq. ISIS has never once shown any intention of attacking Israel or Israeli interests. It attacks only people Israel hates. We know Israel has supplied ISIS in the past both from weapons caches uncovered in Syria and from observers of aviation patterns. Israel’s northern hospitals also openly served some of the wounded terrorists fighting the government of Syria.

So, if any threat has been received in Israel at all, it is one manufactured by Mossad to give the government a seemingly-plausible excuse for continuing to entomb the people of Gaza.

FOOTNOTE: Along the same lines of literally entombing Gaza, Israel has plans to build a huge artificial blockading island just a short distance from Gaza's coast.