Saturday, February 23, 2008



Daniel, this is pure rubbish, apparently written before you read the facts that have emerged now, if indeed you've read them at all.

Quiet type? This guy was a stalker. At least three young women had come forward.

Respectable? His English teacher removed him from her class in 2005 she was so concerned about his sick writing and unpleasant behavior.

The last person you would suspect? Several who knew him, including the English teacher, thought of him right off the moment they heard the horrible news.

And what, pray tell us, is the typical Islamist bomber (as you choose to term it)?

Have you been reading their biographies? Of course not. You are guilty of trying to make propaganda out of a terrible event. Shame.

Many, if not most, of today's suicide-bombers are people fighting desperately for a cause, the cause being quite simply the invasion and occupation of their countries.

They resemble the kamikazi pilots or the Russians who literally threw their bodies in the path of the invading Germans, fighters most of the world regarded as unbelievably heroic.

We don't know exactly what this young man's problems were, but he was clearly unbalanced from the beginning.

Any human population contains a certain number of mentally unbalanced people, including importantly sociopaths.

Sociopaths are likely to be found in occupations where violence is legal, police and regular armies.

They try in some cases to weed them out with psychological tests, but don't always succeed. Often, they do not want to, because sociopaths make terrific soldiers in war.

Many of the ancient brutal heroes of olden days were undoubtedly sociopaths. I'm confident you'd find them today amongst American troops in Iraq and Israeli troops in the occupied territories.