Sunday, May 28, 2017



‘Hillary Clinton: "The Right Is Afraid Of Me Because I Don't Die" ‘

The woman has no shame.

And she likely has some cancer-like disease in whatever gland it is that is that controls human ambition.

And, yes, she is right, she doesn't die, much the same as a vampire.

You do not have to be a follower of Trump's to wince whenever you see this woman's photo or read more words from her, and the photos and words just keep coming, as though she were running for office, which virtually certainly she is.

The stories tell us that only a stake through the heart stops a vampire. It appears that idealistic young Seth Rich tried delivering one and failed, losing his life in the effort.

It all reminds me of what a terrible, ghastly situation the Democratic Party is in.

This couple from hell, the Clintons, America's version of the Borgias, just will not stop. They are out there prowling around, constantly making noises and false accusations – as about the Russians being responsible for her loss – and no thought is even given to the consequences of such dangerous accusations. All that matters is her winning, no matter how she does it.

They have controlled the Party for a very long time, courtesy mainly of their money connections, and they intend to keep going, and the Party is incapable of shaking them off. It is in the middle of a long nightmare in which a succubus has sunk claws into its back. It cannot even look for fresh talent because virtually all its chief operators are beholden to this relentless couple.

I am sure there are many decent Democrats, people like the late Seth Rich, who know what a poisonous legacy the Party is encumbered with, yet see no clear way around it.

The woman and the Party were responsible for their defeat, yet neither can admit it for even a moment.

Many knew she was a poisonous candidate last time, but seeing her try again? That must be hard to swallow.

Especially when you consider that Trump was in many ways a weak candidate himself. He is not a good public speaker, and many of his ideas are weak and not well-considered, yet he was able to win with her running.

Of course, Trump had a couple of good points in foreign affairs - points worth something for many - but he has abandoned those and effectively abandoned supporters who were deeply concerned on those issues. He is a dues-paying member of the blood-soaked imperial establishment now in good standing.

So, I suspect the Hillary crowd, like a school of piranha, smells blood in the water. Trump will be highly vulnerable next time with his terrible record now in domestic affairs and his now perhaps even more terrible record in foreign affairs.

He is a shipwreck waiting to be blown into shore, though I doubt anything like impeachment will be involved. That is a monumental political task no one really wants to undertake. No, he will die a quiet political death the next time out with a record of failures and disappointments and nothing fresh possible to offer.

He quite literally has nothing to offer the great mass of voters now.

We have the now pretty crummy-looking pair of Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, whom we know now is a sleazy operator who tries pitching American citizenships to Asian investors in his family enterprises and who doesn’t keep good faith with his own employees, who embraces the bloody Netanyahu, and makes blunder after blunder. As for Ivanka, we thought she was pretty smart, but her total effect on her father has been disastrous. She is clearly less clever than we thought – God, look at who she married! This pair begins to rival the Clintons for putrescence. Who’d want them back?

We have health legislation that will deprive millions of coverage after all the blubbering against the failings of Obamacare, and there are failings indeed, but they won’t be repaired by Trump.

And we have torn-up trade treaties as a supposed route to increased American jobs, a poor strategy which could end up creating trade wars, not jobs.

And we have a pretty smarmy and confused set of policies around immigrants and refugees.

And then we can add increased military activity in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan, still more provocation against Russia, new provocations against China, idiotic threats against Iran, vast weapons sales for one of the world's most backward governments, virtual compliance with all of Israel's tyrannical acts and threats, and it is hard to see how he could even begin building a new constituency.

He will be completely vulnerable, and if there is anything a Clinton likes the smell of in the morning - after fresh napalm - it is vulnerability.