Thursday, July 13, 2017



“Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley and the Pope Enjoy a Russophobic Threesome”

Yes, but it is not just Russophobic bile. How about Israelophilic bile?

Nikki Haley might just as well be serving as Ambassador for Israel. Her comments at the UN are nearly insane at times. Her focus, when not on Russia, is regularly a country whose population is the size of Ecuador’s.

She insists it is a victim of widespread unfairness, always ignoring the facts of its criminal behavior and total disregard for the United Nations, except as a venue for making self-serving speeches.

Lindsey Graham is cut from the same cloth.

Mention the word "Israel" in Congress, and old Lindsey jumps to his feet and starts blubbering. Talk about money for Israel in Congress, and old Lindsey jumps from his chair to say he wants it doubled.

The Pope is simply a hopeless man, sometimes seeming fairly nice but always quite inept. His record back in Argentina with the murderous military Junta was nothing of which to be proud, a record of no real ethics or principles but his own survival.

The Vatican, for years now, having been pummeled by the US and Israel in private over historical anti-Semitism, has been unbelievably wishy-washy on Israel's criminal behavior. This Pope is no improvement. If anything, the opposite.

You know, that is no accident, the shared attitudes towards Russia and those towards Israel.

While Israel is reasonably friendly outwardly towards Russia, at the core, Israeli leaders can only see Russia as something of a huge stumbling block.

The Neocons - a group of influential lobbyists for Israel at the heart of today's Washington power establishment - want a strong and hyper-aggressive America. That is because they regard that as best for Israel, for its thriving, expanding, and flourishing.

They are the big pushers for all the Middle East wars, and their views are coordinated with those of Israel, for certain.

So, there is an inherent conflict in American-Israeli-Russian affairs because a powerful and assertive Russia is seen as the main opposition to what the Neocons endlessly advocate and work diligently towards, a hyper-aggressive America pushing right up to the gates at Russia’s border while busy supporting and supplying destructive wars all over the Middle East.

The views of these three, but especially Graham and Haley, reflect that down to every comment they make.

Interestingly, some have speculated on Nikki Haley’s being secretly promoted by Neocon operators in Washington. She is not-very-bright and at times quite an embarrassing representative for America, but she has the basic Israel and Russia theme down pat, and that is what counts.

Lindsey Graham, as I’ve written, was almost certainly the target of a past Mossad honey trap. He is a fairly well-known closet gay, and that does not go down well with the fundamentalist part of the country he represents.

So, Mossad likely has compromising photos of him which keep him tied to Israeli interests like a monkey on a string. And, indeed, the way he jumps around and makes noises for Israel in Washington much resembles the activity of a monkey.

This strong suspicion is supported, too, by recent reports about a very senior politician like Graham not being able to get to the bottom of American security service surveillance of which he has become aware.

In all three cases – the Pope, Lindsey Graham, and Nikki Haley – what we see is a politics devoid of genuine ethical or moral concern. And this politics devoid of ethics or morals is the dominant one in Washington today, regardless of political party. They all serve the ruthless American imperial establishment in its wars and aggression and never give a genuine thought to either the welfare of their own people or what is really in the best interests of the world’s people.

The Pope is just a useful idiot-savant servant, much like recent heads of the UN or other international agencies the hyper-aggressive United States has got at. They all provide a semblance of international order and support for imperial America, and they all raise no difficult or embarrassing questions or objections as did some past leaders.

Is it any wonder in what a mess our world is?