Friday, March 24, 2017



“Turkey's Erdogan warns Europeans 'will not walk safely on the streets' if diplomatic row continues.
“It comes after German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns war of rhetoric must stop”

Erdogan is a pretty dangerous character.

I don't think there is the least doubt that he is mentally unbalanced.

However, this mentally unbalanced and cunning man enjoys the support of a great deal of Turkey's population.

And he is a hard-nosed card player who happens to hold a number of aces.

In effect, he was handed these aces by America's stupidly aggressive policies and by Europe's leaders cringingly supporting those policies.

If Europe over the last decade had even one or two real leaders - it did not - to stand up against American excesses, there very well might not be the huge refugee problem.

The refugees are a direct result of American bombing and support of proxy armies throughout the Middle East in its dirty wars on behalf of Israel.

And Europe’s marriage to a place like Turkey is a direct result of America's long and tiresome and dangerous treatment of Russia as a threat rather than a cooperative state. It views Turkey as a needed buffer state against Russia.

America just never stops thinking like Rome looking at Carthage when it comes to Russia. It's imbecilic.

That American view also impoverishes large parts of Europe today, as, for example, French farmers who can't export to Russia or German car makers. Demands for substantial increases in military spending don’t help either.

The success of Brexit was also a result of the policies which created all those refugees which no European state could readily handle, and we may see more of the same in other EU countries.

The EU itself has structural weaknesses encouraged by past American policies too. Americans encouraged the building of the EU, but only as a one-stop-shopping window for their own interests and not as another potential competitor, which is what a more cohesive and unified and not-so-unevenly structured EU would have become.

Had relatively weak southern states not been admitted (imagine even considering Turkey or Ukraine too!) and had the Euro been soundly founded with real central banking powers, EU would be on a trajectory for a strong long-term future.

America's view of Russia is an on-going threat for European interests, as, for example, with industries that depend on long-term reliable supplies of natural gas.

And, in addition, the stupid, American-engineered coup in Ukraine, intended to hurt Russia (why? intelligent people might ask) has only added more instability for Europe. The incompetent government put in place there cannot possibly in any meaningful way become a real member of Europe, being also an economic basket case, and it will almost certainly fall as a result of its own devices.

An additional note on Germany's Merkel and her warnings.

Just consider how foolishly this leader has behaved for years.

Facing her own election challenge this year, she's been directly aping the brainless stuff in Washington about Trump and Russia. It makes no sense, but it keeps being repeated much like an advertising slogan being imprinted into people’s brains.

And it was she who engineered the ethically-corrupt deal with Erdogan over refugees in the first place. We’ll pay you serious money, you keep them in tent camps.

While I am very sympathetic to the plight of refugees, believing all advanced countries have a duty towards them, it was almost imbecilic of Merkel to just throw open the doors, as she did at one point, and try pressuring others to do the same.

Any state can only successfully absorb so many refugees at any one time. Pushing the acceptance of huge numbers at once, she is responsible for a lot of the anti-refugee attitudes we now see, including in the US.

And did she, or any other EU leader, pressure the American government of Obama to take a generous share of the refugees it created?

No, she volunteered the EU for pretty much the whole job, likely motivated by deep pangs of conscience (at least she has a conscience, unlike Obama or Clinton) over her years of supporting Obama's destructive policies which destroyed whole states, killed at least half a million, and uprooted millions. The US, even before Trump’s harsher rhetoric on the subject, did nothing serious about a human catastrophe its own acts created.